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Tal Shiar Properties provides long term rentals, short term rentals and property renovation services.


The Company owns and operates a portfolio of single-family homes, townhomes, and multifamily properties. Our homes are located in thriving cities and suburbs with neighborly communities, excellent schools along with countless sporting and entertainment options. We offer chic rental properties that are so relaxing our residents never want to leave home (ideal in a pandemic!) and a separate unparalleled affordable housing product suite. 

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Modern House


Why stay in a cramped hotel room when you can luxuriate in space and enjoy design within reach? Tal Shiar offers furnished single-family homes and condos for rent on a short-term basis with layouts that are ideal for families, group vacations and even business travel. Our homes are located in bucolic settings with on-site amenities or located within proximity to exquisite destination hotels.


Tal Shiar provides a full service of real estate services to clients across South Florida. The Company manages a portfolio of properties, including single homes, condos, townhouses, boutique hotels, and multi-family properties of up to 150 units. Having a successful rental property requires a lot of effort, time, experience, and expertise. 

Modern Living Room


While renovating several of our properties many passers by would walk through our sites and praise the sleek windows and doors, tasteful flooring, alluring marble tiles, chef-style kitchens and interspersed sophisticated touches (pocket doors, farm doors, antique lighting etc.) that add a certain haecceity to our properties. Before long, we were flooded with inquiries to renovate neighboring properties and while we did that on ad-hoc basis in the early days we now have a formal renovation division.


We find that female property owners are our top customers because they appreciate both our willingness to listen and also our straightforward pricing. Female-led households finance a significant number of property management decisions yet they typically report great satisfaction with services and pricing. Tal Shiar has been able to provide guidance and transparent service desired and expects this vertical to be a robust area of growth for the firm. 


Tal Shiar makes an effort to understand the needs of communities in which it seeks to become a member. While the Company has focused on the acquisition, development, and management of mid-market to luxury residential properties, we have also identified certain challenges that tenants face when searching for affordable rental housing. Tal Shiar aims to develop projects, which address the shortage of affordable housing and allow low-income families to enjoy the pleasures and freedoms associated with low density living.  

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