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Unparalleled Affordable Housing

As the nation's rental affordability crisis spirals, efforts to address these challenges must evolve. Florida is in the midst of a serious housing shortage and affordable housing is again an issue in many parts of the state. Tal Shiar brings the fresh perspective of an emerging manager unconstrained by traditionalist thinking and the skilled team needed to execute efficiently.


Tal Shiar Properties has identified an opportunity to develop a unique multi-family project in Pompano Beach, FL that not only addresses the shortage of affordable housing in this city, but also allows low-income families to enjoy the pleasures and freedoms associated with low density living, while providing cutting edge modern modular construction and design. The Company is keen on the modern modular construction, because it allows us to offer sustainable homes at a very attractive price point. With improvements in technology, modular homes have become more appealing - units arrive pre-equipped with all interior finishings and only need to be anchored to the ground. 

"The Heart of the Gold Coast"

Centrally located between Palm Beach and Miami, Pompano Beach is often called "the Heart of the Gold Coast". It is known for its excellent boating and fishing, accentuated by an offshore living coral reef accessible to scuba divers and snorkelers. Anglers and families flock to the 1,000-foot-long municipal fishing pier, beachside playgrounds, grills and picnic tables. 

The city maintains more than 50 local parks for sports enthusiasts or those who have a penchant for outdoor relaxation. Local attractions and shopping provide myriad entertainment options. From relaxing on the beach to fine dining and terrific shopping, Pompano Beach has it all. 

Modular Housing: Evolved

In recent years, the modular method has developed into a viable, alternative system of construction. Tal Shiar's foray into affordable housing is commencing with this multi-family project. The property is in an area of the Pompano Beach CRA that has seen recent revitalization, including a new town hall, library/cultural center, new housing and commercial development, as well as a beautiful marina. The site is also near a future commuter rail station that is planned between Miami and West Palm Beach.


Tal Shiar is erecting chic high design modular structures that will transform the neighborhood even further. The units will be built using pre-made steel construction manufacturing techniques. The homes will be manufactured locally (in South Florida) and will be hurricane resistant, termite resistant, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly with less material waste.

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