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"There's no place like home."

The Wizard of Oz captured a true sentiment: "There's no place like home." An exceptional place to so many. And for most, home has become the center of our existence and has taken on an especially significant meaning over the last two years. With more time spent at home than ever and a great number of employees working remotely, Tal Shiar Properties wants our customers to enjoy superior lifestyles - whether they live in one of our affordable housing communities or in our chic luxury apartments.

Elevated Cosmopolitan Lifestyle

Tal Shiar offers luxury home options, located in thriving cities and suburbs with neighborly communities, award-winning dining, trend-setting shops, world-class concerts and performances, elite-level sporting events, and a social scene that is always exciting and vibrant. Residences feature forward-looking design, exquisite finishes and materials, gourmet appliances, and fixtures creating an atmosphere of flawless taste.